Our Office Will Be Closed on July 4th

Our office will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

Meet-And-Greet Sessions

Our "meet-and-greet" sessions will be held in locations throughout our membership area, so that we can have a chance to meet with our current members, share information about all of our credit union services, and meet others that may be interested in joining the credit union. Check back here for an updated list of meeting times and locations.

Waynesburg Area -- Date and Location TBD

Clarksburg/WhiteOak Area -- Date and Location TBD

Other locations and dates are being planned, please check back often.

Calling the Credit Union from EQT Offices

Since the credit union is no longer located in one of EQT's offices, you can no longer dial just the four digit extension. Please dial the full number (412-395-3636) as an outside call.

ALERT: Text message scams !!!!

If you receive a text message indicating that there is a potential fraud regarding your debit card, and instructing you to call a number, please be aware that this is a phishing scam. Our fraud protection monitoring service DOES NOT SEND TEXT MESSAGES to members. Please remember that the credit union, our card issuer, and our fraud monitoring service will never ask you for your card number, your PIN number, or other sensitive personal infomation, and any person or automated system that is requesting that information is a fraudulant attempt to gain personal and/or card information. If you have any doubt about a telephone contact, e-mail, or text message please contact the credit union office.

NOTICE: Regarding Activating On-Line Banking!

For the security of all of our members, activation of a new on-line banking profile requires a signed application from the member and activation of the account by Credit Union staff. To be able to access your accounts on-line(and/or on-line bill pay services or mobile banking access) contact the Credit Union to sign up, or you can send us a message via our Contact Form.

Our New Services are Here !

We are introducing Checking Accounts, Debit/ATM cards, On-Line/Home Banking, On-Line Bill Payment, and Mobile Banking for our members !!!! For more information about all the great features, most of which are FREE for our members, read our current newsletter, or contact the Credit Union to sign up for the new services.

Special Rate for first time borrowers!

The Credit Union is currently offering a personal loan for members who are first time borrowers at a special rate of 5.99%. The loan is subject to the guidelines for personal loans. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Credit Union for further information, or to apply.

Lower Rates and Longer Repayment on Vehicle Loans!

The Credit Union has reduced rates on our loans for new and used vehicles, and you may be eligible to finance your vehicle for up to 72 months !!! See the Rate tab on our web site, or contact the Credit Union for further information, or to apply for a vehicle loan.

Education Assistance Loan !

If you are taking advantage of the great benefit that EQT Corporation offers for education assistance, and need to borrow some money until you receive the reimbursement for your tuition costs, or to be used for books and other fees, contact the Credit Union for a personal loan.